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Through the Balkans

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Day 1: Tirana, Ohrid
(**Important note: Driver-guide for maximum 3 passengers. From Four to Seven the tour will go with a driver and guide**.) Welcome to your Europamundo Tryp Styles tour! Departure to Macedonia. Journey to the Republic of Macedonia. At the border, meet the tour guide. Accommodation in Ohrid.
Day 2: Ohrid
Visit of Ohrid: the most beautiful city in Macedonia and one of the most fascinating in the Balkan Peninsula, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Located on the banks of the Ohrid River, the city is characterized by its small white houses with wooden shutters, winding streets and the prestige of its countless works of art. Discovery of the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, erected between 1037-1056, with interesting frescoes from the 14th century; the church of San Bogorodica Perivlepta, of Byzantine shapes; Plaosnik (Saints Clement and Panteleimon); and the San Kaneo church, symbol of Ohrid. Monastery boat excursion to the Monastery of Saint Naum. Return to Ohrid. Visit the copper workshop in the old town, the Gutenberg printing press and the Ohrid pearl workshop.
Day 3:
Departure towards Bitola to visit the ancient Roman city of Heraclea, founded by Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, in the second half of the 4th century BC. Interesting ruins of the thermal baths, the colonnade, the amphitheater, remains of two basilicas, both with wonderful and colorful mosaics of geometric figures, trees, birds, flowers and animals (5th century). Visit of Bitola, conquered by the Turks in 1382, the city took the name of Monastir. Among the numerous mosques erected by the Turks during their occupation, around 12 still remain. The most beautiful of them is Isak Dzamija, so called because it was subsidized by the wealthy merchant Isaac. In addition, we will take a walk along the “Via de los Consulados”. Visit a family home in Bitola and enjoy lunch prepared by the local family. You will have the opportunity to experience typical Macedonian hospitality, enjoy locally produced food and taste homemade liquor or ponch. Departure to the Roman city of Stobi, discovered during archaeological research in the 20th century. Located along the “Via Axia”, Stobi was one of the greatest Roman cities in the region. Currently, around 15 hectares have been discovered and unearthed. The route extends hundreds of meters surrounded by the foundations of walls, public buildings, homes, public baths and some churches. Finally we will arrive at the Amphitheater (2nd century) and the Basilica. Connected to the church is the baptistery, completely paved with incredible and beautiful mosaics. Arrival in Skopje. Accommodation.
Day 4: Skopie, Pristina
Visit to the Macedonian Capital: Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid, Mosque, Fortress. We will continue towards the Memorial dedicated to Mother Teresa, and the Church of Saint Spas, with its incredible 6 m iconostasis. high and 10 long, carved by the Filipovski brothers. The Deko workshop and learn about the history of the Macedonian ruby. Departure to Kosovo. Before arriving in Pristina, stop to visit the Gracanica Monastery - one of the places with the greatest emotional impact in the country, witness to the bloodiest and most dramatic moments of the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery church is an exceptional example of Byzantine architecture and a unique combination of arches, vaults, windows and domes. Arrival in the capital, Pristina and tour of the historic center. Accommodation in a hotel in Pristina.
Day 5: Pristina, Prizren, Tirana
Departure to the most beautiful city in Kosovo, Prizren. On the way we visited the Sinan Pasha Mosque. The mosque is built on a raised base, which is accessed from its north side by a carved stone staircase. Its design is rectangular, with a niche on the southeast side, which differentiates it from other mosques in Kosovo. From there we will return to Tirana. Transfer to the airport for return.

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  • Europamundo General Services: Tour by private vehicle led by your guide. Selection of hotels based on the selected route with breakfast included. Basic travel insurance.
    - The selected hotels in rural areas are in many cases small in size or even rural houses. Although the hotels planned will be overnight stays, in some cases due to lack of availability or different from the contracting conditions, similar hotels will be confirmed in the same or nearby town.
  • City tour in: Ohrid, BITOLA, Skopje
  • Experiences: Lunch in St. Monastery, lunch at the family home in Bitola
  • Transfer: Transfer out to Tirana Airport
  • Ticket admission: St. Perivlepta Church Saint Sofia Cathedral, Ohrid Ohrid Pearl Workshop Gutenberg Printing Press, Boat tour on Lake Ohrid and visit to St. Naum Monastery, Roman city Heraklea , Stobi archaeological site , Macedonian Ruby and Deko Workshop Mother Teresa Memorial House Gracanica Monastery , Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren

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