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Mexico City
Mexico City

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Day 1:
Welcome to your Europamundo Trip Style!!! The information about the meeting place and start time of your circuit can be found on your voucher.
Day 1: México City – Tecolutla.-
We will leave destination TECOLUTLA, located in the eastern coast of the state of Veracruz, has the nearest beaches to México City. We will know its mangroves, something very characteristic of this destination. With this purpose, we will do a boat tour one hour long (entrance included)

A few minutes further is the Tecolutla Aquarium where we will see a great variety of sea fishes and animals of the region (entrance included).

We will go back to the city and we can enjoy its lively life during the afternoon - night. Accommodation
Day 2: Tecolutla – El Tajín - Papantla.-
We will take the road in the direction of the Archaeological Site of El Tajín. It is in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by the green of the trees and the unique blue colour of its sky. Various buildings rise conforming El Tajín, that one time was the capital of the Totonacas during the precolombine period (entrance included ).

Our following stop will be the city of PAPANTLA, known also as the City that Perfumes the World for the exquisite smell of vanilla that reigns in its streets. We walk around Plaza Central with its lush trees and numerous planters in the company of our guide. From there we can admire the spectacular mural "Tribute to Totonaca Culture", illuminated at night with colors to highlight the most significant moments of the history of the region. We will take a walk in the center before dinner and accommodation.
Day 3: Papantla – Xalapa.-
Our tour guides us today to XALAPA, the capital of Veracruz State. Together we will know the magic that surrounds the historical center. At arrival we will visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, dedicated to Purísima Concepción ( Pure Conception), one of the oldest buildings on the city. We will continue our tour to the Botanical Garden, alive museum of great beauty dedicated to the study, protection and diffusion of the plants living in this region (entrance included).

We will follow to know the Anthropology Museum, very rich as it hosts together the most important pieces and objects coming from all the state (entrance included). We will also visit the Museum Ex Hacienda El Lencero. Mandatory stop between México and Veracruz, now it is a museum where a part of the life of General Santa Ana is remembered (entrance included).

We will discover El Callejón del Diamante (Diamond Alley) with a great variety of restaurants, cafeterias, artisans, busy keeps two stories that our guide will explain to us. We can enjoy the local gastronomy and we will have time to keep knowing the capital of the state. Accommodation.
Day 4: Xalapa – Xico– Coatepec– Veracruz.-
We will leave Xalapa to go to XICO, a magical village distinguished by its provincial charm thanks to its colonial houses, its flowers, the trees giving fruit all year long, its green mountains and its aromatic coffee plantations. We will start our walk visiting the Parish of Santa María Magdalena, dedicated to the patron of the village. Highlights its neoclassical façade. Inside we can contemplate marian carving somewhat peculiar, made by indigenous hand and of a naturalness that will surprise us.

Beside this parish we find Totomoxtle Museum. This small museum exhives a collection of figures created of corn husk which are true works of art that represent the village culture and traditions. We will follow till Calle Real ( Royal Street), the main artery of the town where are the classic houses with tile roofs and beautiful courtyards of colonial architecture . We will also visit the famous bakery "Los Brujos" (The Witches") belonging to the Hurtado family and that has been making the traditional egg bread preparation for years.

We will leave Xico for COATEPEC. This charming town is well known for the coffee elaboration. So we will head to the Coffee Museum (entrance included). Why not dare to do a tasting of its famous coffees?

After lunch we will continue the tour of the city visiting San Jeronimo parish, Hidalgo Park and its Regional Market where we can find the most representative handicrafts of the state.

We head to VERACRUZ where we can take a walk and enjoy this lively port city. Time for dinner and accommodation.
Day 5: Veracruz.-
Today we will dedicate our day to know this beautiful city. We will start our tour knowing the Plaza de las Armas, flanked by the Municipal Palace, Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption and Portals of Lerdo where the layout ot its hectic streets is born, full of restaurants and typical canteens where latter on we can enjoy its typical gastronomy. We will continue visiting the Casa de Agustín Lara (Agustín Lara´s House) where we can know the artistic and personal trajectory of this musician and poet.

After lunch we propose you to visit the Veracruz Aquarium (entrance included), one of the biggest in Latin America where we can observe a great variety of marine animals or we can visit San Juan de Ulúa Fort (entrance included), for some the sunset of a history, for others a fearsome prison, but it is still a historical place whose walls still scream the events that happened there.We walk to the pier of Veracruz, one of the most emblematic places, not only by its design, architecture and commercial and maritime importance, but also for the history that it keeps along the time. Still we will have time to keep enjoying the city, its beaches, or if you prefer, rest at the hotel. Accommodation.
Day 6: Veracruz – Ciudad de Puebla.-
After breakfast we will leave for CIUDAD DE PUEBLA. Sheltered by volcanoes, the city of Puebla mixes with harmony history, gastronomy and colonial past with a modern face. Together with our guide we will take a walk by its Historical Center, declared Human Heritage by UNESCO where magnificent constructions are raised, as the Cathedral with its high towers, the Palafoxiana Library (entrance included), City Hall Palace and the Chapel of the Rosary that John Paul II called the Reliquary of America.

After lunch we continue our tour by Calle de los Dulces ( Sweets Street) where we will find the most typical sweets of the region as cocadas, borrachitos, gaznates, jamoncillos, camotes, well as the famous Tortitas de Santa Clara. We will end at the Craft Market El Parian where we will find typical pieces of the region as Talavera, textile, leather articles, ceramics, pottery, copper and more. Accomodation.
Day 7: Puebla City –Archaeological Area of Cholula – San Pedro de Cholula - Santa María Tonantzintla – Puebla City.-
We will enjoy our day today knowing several attractions that the surroundings of Puebla are offering. Our first stop will be in the Archaeological Area of Cholula (entrance is included). Its name comes from the prehispanic word Chollolán, meaning " Place of Flight, (Escape)". We will find the Great Pyramid or Tlachihualtéptl, with the biggest pyramidal basement in the world.

Near the enclosure we will find SAN PEDRO DE CHOLULA. We will visit its market, a symbol of the Poblano folklore where we can taste the typical antojitos of Poblana Gastronomy. We will have time for lunch and to enjoy this pleasure.

We will continue to SANTA MARIA TONANTZINTLA. There we will visit the famous Temple of Tonantzin, dedicated to the Nahuatl goddess. Its name is related to Earth and it is translated as "Our Mother". This church is a famous example of inigenous baroque.

We go back to Puebla and still we will have some time to visit the city. Accomodation
Day 8: Puebla City– Archaeological Area of Cacaxtla - Natívitas – Tlaxcala- Mexico City.--

Price includes


  • Europamundo General Services: Tour by private vehicle led by your guide. Selection of hotels based on the selected route with breakfast included. Basic travel insurance.

    - Due to the socio-health situation, for reasons of prevention or de-escalation, some services may be affected (breakfasts in hotels, opening of places, visits with stipulated times, etc.). Europamundo, as guarantor of passenger safety, will always respect current regulations and in these cases will coordinate in order to perform the services in the best possible way.
    - The selected hotels in rural areas are in many cases small in size or even rural houses. Although the hotels planned will be overnight stays, in some cases due to lack of availability or different from the contracting conditions, similar hotels will be confirmed in the same or nearby town.
  • Includes arrival transfer
  • Includes departure transfer
  • Boat: Boat ride through mongroves area in Teclutla River
  • Ticket admission: Tecolutla Aquarium., Tajin Archaeological Area. , Botanic Garden, Antropology Museum, Ex- ranch Museum The Lencero , Coffee Museum , Aquarium and Saint John Fortress in Veracruz , Palafoxiana Library. , Cholula Archaeological Area , Cacaxtla Archaeological Area

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