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Discovering the cities of Northern Morocco

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Day 1: Tangier.-
Welcome to Morocco! Arrival at the airport of Tangier and transfer to the hotel.

The mixture between the European and African culture offered by this city, placed as an arena over the Strait of Gibraltar, is perfect to start our walk in Marocco. After your arrival, we´ll get out to know the narrow streets of the heart of the Medina of Tangier, the Old Town, the Big and Small Souks, markets offering a mixture of contrasts between the popular and the tourist. We will discover an evocative city, which, due to its geographical position, has not only been coveted by all the cultures of the Mediterranean but also the source of countless myths, and later the destination of innumerable artists and intellectuals who sought exoticism in its city. City. Nowadays, it is one of the country´s capitals with more significant development projects, including its new and modern seaport. For many, walking in Tangier will be travelling rothe scenery where the famous book is set and TV serial "The Time in Between" by María Dueñas.

After this first visit, we will go out for a panoramic tour of the magnificent natural settlement of Cape Espartel, the North-Western Most point of Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. We include the visit and the entrance to the natural monument of the Hercules Grottoes, a marvel of nature conditioned for the man whose name is due to the legend that this was the chosen place by Hercules to rest before leaving for the Garden of the Hesperides. Nature and mythology over the sea.

Return to Tangier and dinner included in the hotel.

Note: In case the arrival of your flight is early, we suggest you know the USA Legation, nowadays centre of studies and museum placed in the Medina, with a combination of European and Andalusian Architecture, and with an ambience in its halls permitting the visitor imagine how the cosmopolitan life of Tanger was in the XXth century when the city enjoyed a special international status.
Day 2: Tángier- Tetouan- Chefchaouen.-
After breakfast, we will journey to the historic village of TETOUAN called "The White", a Hispanic - Moorish city in the Rif ranges. We will visit the renowned historical centre, the Medina, World Heritage of Unesco, delimited by the ancient walls and gates. Also, we will know the Jewish quarter of the Mellah and its most traditional shops. We will see the Museum, the Great Mosque, Djamaa Al Kabir and the expansion, a trendy neighbourhood built during the Spanish Protectorate period during the XXth century, a beautiful design and complementary of the old Medina.Free time for lunch in the Medina.

Continuation to one of the most towns in Morocco: CHEFCHAOUEN. Its detailed white and blue image extending by the sides of a hill reminds us that one time this area and Andalucia were under the domain of a single culture. Its image and the white-bluish atmosphere of its streets were a source of inspiration for numerous artists. We will pleasantly stroll through its centre, featuring houses of popular Mediterranean architecture, with the blue of its centuries-old doors and the indigo white of the walls, the Great Mosque, the Kasbah or fortress, the Al Makhzen Market, its traditional craftwork, or the famous Ras El Ma fountain, where the watermills are still in operation.

Accommodation and dinner at the hotel.
Day 3: Chefchaouen- Ouezzane- Moulay Bousselham.-
After breakfast, we will travel to the hisroric village of OUEZZANE, a locality not very well known by tourists but very relevant in Morocco and the Islamic World, as it is considered one of the spiritual capitals Sufism, the mistic doctrine of Islam. Bur is also defined as Holy City by the Jews of this country, who pilgrimage here to venerate the tombs of some men considered saints for this religion. We will take a walk by this exciting town, its commercial and artisan neighbourhood Quaiseriva, covered by wooden lattice, its characteristic walkways that in some cases form narrow and low passages or the always animated Mezina full of small popular cafes and restaurants.

After lunch, we will leave for MOULAY BOUSSELHAM, a traditional and small coastal village on the Atlantic known for its endless beaches surrounded by dunes and open to the ocean at the mouth of a beautiful lagoon. Being very popular among Moroccans for its tourist attraction, gastronomy and the waves of its beaches for surfing, also it is known for the beauty of the tours by boat by the lagoon looking for birds, a tour you will have included at sunset to end our day.

We will be accommodated in a traditional hotel of Moroccan architecture where everything runs around an interior central patio. Dinner included.
Day 4: Moulay Bousselham- Larache- Asilah- Tángier.
After breakfast, we leave for the North. Before arriving at Larache, we will stop to visit the archaeological site of LIZUS, an old city on the banks of the River Loukkos, founded by Phoenicians, dominated by the Carthaginians that lived its maximum splendour with the Romans. Some Greeks placed here the mythological Garden of the Hesperides, the guardians of the golden apples. We will walk between its suggestive ruins, from where we will have a superb panorama of the river and its delta.

In LARACHE, a city dominated by two fortresses, we will discover one of the clearest examples of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco, in a beautiful city with charm, of Andalusian aspect in its modern architecture neighbourhoods and captivatingly Arab in its Medina. Free time to walk by the Square of the Liberation, the Avenue of Mohamed V, the Kasbah (it cannot be visited) or the central market. Free time for lunch.

Our tour takes us now to ASILAH, a picturesque village located over the Atlantic Coast, South of Tangier. The Old village or Medina is protected and surrounded by very well preserved walls and gates, built in the XVth century by the Portuguese, internationally appreciated for the art meetings and galleries, its festival of cultures and the number of artists who have chosen it to live or have visited it looking for inspiration. Strolling around its historic centre will be an absolute delight.

Our last kilometres will take us to the city of TANGIER. Accommodation and dinner at the hotel.
Day 5:
After breakfast, end of services. We hope you enjoyed your trip!.

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  • Europamundo General Services: Tour by private vehicle led by your guide. Selection of hotels based on the selected route with breakfast included. Basic travel insurance.

    - Due to the socio-health situation, for reasons of prevention or de-escalation, some services may be affected (breakfasts in hotels, opening of places, visits with stipulated times, etc.). Europamundo, as guarantor of passenger safety, will always respect current regulations and in these cases will coordinate in order to perform the services in the best possible way.
    - The selected hotels in rural areas are in many cases small in size or even rural houses. Although the hotels planned will be overnight stays, in some cases due to lack of availability or different from the contracting conditions, similar hotels will be confirmed in the same or nearby town.
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  • Boat: Moulay Bousselham lagoon
  • Ticket admission: Hercules Grottoes in Tangier, Archaeological site of Lixus in Larache
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